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Tocca a tìa | Colours of Sicily

Tocca a tìa

The innovative “recipe” of an unusual restaurant Overwhelming, innovative and audacious, but firmly rooted into tradition, territory, and above all people. This is the identikit...
Pane, grissini e pale di fico d’india | Colours of Sicily

Bread, breadsticks and prickly pear pads

When tradition goes hands in hands with innovation, it often turns out to be a true surprise. In the city of Messina, the baker Francesco...
Al Cenobio la prima Carta dei Pani siciliani | Colours of Sicily

At Restaurant Cenobio the first Sicilian Bread List

At Restaurant Cenobio the first Sicilian Bread List Bread has always accompanied the human life cycle, carrying with it lots of values and meanings. Promoting and...
Pizza dell'Architetto | Colours of Sicily

Pizza dell’Architetto (The Architect’s Pizza)

An impressive cult, expression of a territory There is a corner of Sicily that gave birth to a truly unique pizza called “Pizza dell'Architetto”. We...
La pizza siciliana perfetta | Colours of Sicily

The Perfect Sicilian Pizza

Let’s start our Sicilian tour in search of the “perfect pizza” Does the “perfect” pizza exist? The one with the right crunchiness, in which the...

Sabir Gourmanderie, where dishes speak the language of the sea

Sabir was a pidgin language spoken for centuries around the Mediterranean Basin by Christians of different languages and between Christian, Arabs and Turks: it’s a mixed...
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