Friday, November 15, 2019


From Sicily to Sydney: flavours and memories of chef Paolo Gatto
Riggi, a history of people and flours
A huge cream puff whose shape resembles an Arabic turban filled with sweet ricotta cream or custard. This is the “Turkish Head”, a true Sicilian delicacy born in Scicli, a baroque town near Ragusa, in the south...

Gianna Bozzali | Colours of Sicily

Cheerful and friendly, considered by many as “volcanic”, I like to get out among the people, especially those who share my same passions: the love for Sicily and the good things.

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An Aurora shining on Mount Etna | Colours of Sicily

An Aurora shining on Mount Etna

Delicate, engaging, natural These are the distinctive characters of a special wine, produced in the Etnean area. As its label suggests, it is not an ordinary white...
The wines kissed by “Grace”

The wines kissed by “Grace”

Travelling with children is often not so simple: you should get organized in good time and find suitable "family-friendly" destinations. But, what can Sicily offer?...

Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG, identity of a territory

When speaking of Sicily, today the most attentive people describe it as an incredible variety of small and wonderful worlds: from the almost African beaches...
Tenuta Bastonaca | Colours Of Sicily

Tenuta Bastonaca, passion for vine

With a cultivation of over 15 thousand tree vines, this is one of the most suited area for the production of fine red and...