From Sicily to Sydney: flavours and memories of chef Paolo Gatto
Riggi, a history of people and flours
A huge cream puff whose shape resembles an Arabic turban filled with sweet ricotta cream or custard. This is the “Turkish Head”, a true Sicilian delicacy born in Scicli, a baroque town near Ragusa, in the south...

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Pellegrino e le cantine storiche di Marsala | Colours Of Sicily

Pellegrino and Marsala historic wine cellars

If you are a passionate-living enthusiast, you cannot miss the opportunity to experience the emotion of a journey through time, retracing the key stages...

Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG, identity of a territory

When speaking of Sicily, today the most attentive people describe it as an incredible variety of small and wonderful worlds: from the almost African beaches...
An Aurora shining on Mount Etna | Colours of Sicily

An Aurora shining on Mount Etna

Delicate, engaging, natural. These are the distinctive characters of a special wine, produced in the Etnean area. As its label suggests, it is not an...
Tenuta Bastonaca | Colours Of Sicily

Tenuta Bastonaca, passion for vine

With a cultivation of over 15 thousand tree vines, this is one of the most suited area for the production of fine red and...