From Sicily to Sydney: flavours and memories of chef Paolo Gatto
Riggi, a history of people and flours
A huge cream puff whose shape resembles an Arabic turban filled with sweet ricotta cream or custard. This is the “Turkish Head”, a true Sicilian delicacy born in Scicli, a baroque town near Ragusa, in the south...

Gianna Bozzali | Colours of Sicily

Cheerful and friendly, considered by many as “volcanic”, I like to get out among the people, especially those who share my same passions: the love for Sicily and the good things.

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Amaro dei Nebrodi | Colours of Sicily

Amaro dei Nebrodi

Etna, a volcanic wine experience

Sicily, crossroad of peoples, land of vineyards, with its 1000 kilometers of coastline is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. A place that encompasses 30...
Vigna di Pettineo | Colours Of Sicily

Vigna di Pettineo. The sense of being.

Open-field grown tomatoes surrounded by grapevines. A little further, a citrus grove and inside it hives where the bees come after having fluttered among...
Pellegrino e le cantine storiche di Marsala | Colours Of Sicily

Pellegrino and Marsala historic wine cellars

If you are a passionate-living enthusiast, you cannot miss the opportunity to experience the emotion of a journey through time, retracing the key stages...

Between sea and fire: Vulcano’s wines

Travelling with children is often not so simple: you should get organized in good time and find suitable "family-friendly" destinations. But, what can Sicily offer?...