With more than one hundred years of history, Aci Trunzu Kohlrabi has passed from just being a common vegetable sold on the stalls of the markets throughout the province of Catania to obtaining recognition as Slow Food presidium. This particular type of kohlrabi has been largely grown since the beginning of the XX century; however, today only a few hectares are devoted to its production. According to Slow Food, Aci Trunzu Kohlrabi is appreciated for its beneficial properties as well as for its special taste and typical deep purple colour due to the lava soil where it is grown, rich in distinctive unique elements.

One of the custodians of this produce is Monaci delle Terre Nere, a farm placed in Zafferana Etnea. Its adjoining restaurant, Locanda Nerello, has been certified within the EU plant variety catalogue & database for its seed register. Here vegetables are cultivated according to old farming techniques based on environmental sustainability and products seasonality.

As the founder Guido Alessandro Coffa says: “It’s a honour and a true commitment to be a Slow Food presidium. We are happy to give our contribution to prevent this ancient production from being driven out by other more profitable crops”.

Pisano. Monaci delle Terre Nere

Delicious, healthy, king of the table

Aci Truznu Kohlarbi is grown in the soil around the restaurant by the laborious hands of local farmers. It’s then celebrated in lots of preparations, capable of exalting its taste. Bedsides the kohlrabi, other 33 varieties of herbs and aromatic plants (e.g. sage, mint, marjoram, thyme, lavender, calamint) are grown here: an ideal olfactory map leading to discover the undergrowth around Mount Etna. By following the rhythm of the season, from October until January, food lovers can enjoy a delicious, simple, and above all healthy recipe: cod salad (marinated with lemon peels and minced aromatic herbs) served on Aci trunzu kohlrabi, candied oranges and hazelnut-flavoured extra virgin olive oil.

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