Nature has already awoken on the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Brightly coloured countryside, mild temperatures and inebriating air characterize the sweetest season of the year. And what could be better than celebrating Spring by enjoying an extremely fresh and intense glass of Sicilian wine? Let’s go at the discovery of three small but great wine productions.

Malvasia delle Lipari: Bianco secco, Salina IGP, Paola Lantieri

In an enchanting corner of the Mediterranean Sea, the Aeolian Islands archipelago, there is a long tradition of thousands of years linked to the production of Malvasia dessert wine. Because of the impervious productive context, this is considered an “heroic” viticulture which, however, has resulted in high-quality wines. Among these, mention should be made of that produced by Paola Lantieri, a medical doctor who decided to reinvent herself as a courageous businesswoman.

Paola Lantieri

While sipping a glass of her dry Malvasia, you will feel as if you were already enjoying summertime. Its bright colour, in fact, reminds that of the warm sun shining on the beautiful Aeolian islands. To the nose this elegant and fresh wine reveals the best essence of different perfumes: wildflowers, Mediterranean herbs and citrus fruit which perfectly combine with a characteristic saline note.

Moscato DOC Noto “Muscatedda”, Marabino

Moscato di Noto is a small jewel in the wine sector which has been rediscovered over the last years after a period of very few productions. It is the only native white grape variety grown in Val di Noto, in the area surrounding the province of Syracuse. “Marabino” winery, owned by Pierpaolo Messina, is located in a highly suitable area for viticulture.

In the vineyards, biodynamically cultivated at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level, the farm masterly produces “Muscatedda”: a dry, fresh and velvety wine, obtained from exceptional aromatic grapes,  perfect to be enjoyed paired with fish dishes during spring meals.

“Anatema” IGT Sicilia, Etnella

When speaking about Sicilian freshest wines, it’s impossible not to mention those produced in the territory surrounding Etna Volcano, an area that boasts the oldest vineyards grown at the highest latitudes in Europe. The whole area is well-known for its renowned wineries; however, we invite you to discover a small but talented cellar located in the north-east corner of the island: “Etnella”.

The true soul of the winery is Davide Bentivegna, a careful preserver of the natural cultivation methods. Native varieties, such as Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, grown according to the traditional head-trained bush system (“vite ad alberello”) give origin to “Anatema”: excellent red wine, very drinkable thanks to good freshness  and a long persistent aftertaste.

Davide Bentivegna

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