Modica is one of the most enchanting towns of South-East Sicily, well-known for its narrow streets, its houses built one on another, its imposing baroque monuments, the friendliness of its people, and the fragrance of its chocolate.

For visitors it’s very easy to feel at home, being immersed in the everyday life of its inhabitants, while enjoying a journey into the history of its traditional recipes, surrounded by the distinctive flavours and aromas of ingredients. Here cooking is a true art. If you want to discover and learn Sicilian cuisine, this is the right place.

Katia Amore will teach you how to prepare typical Sicilian recipes, such as scacce modicane, arancine or the well-known cassata. Anyone can learn! In her big kitchen, placed in one of the oldest buildings of the historical centre of Modica, she runs her cooking classes. After graduating in Oriental Languages from the University of Venice, she moved to the UK where she has lived for several years.

“I was a university researcher and there I met my husband. Our wedding was celebrated in Sicily: it was in April, a beautiful month, a Spring triumph. However, shortly afterwards, we had to return to London, but soon we realized that we missed Sicily”.

Katia Amore

For this reason, they decided to come back to Modica and make their passion for cooking become a true job. They restored their grandparents’ house and start a new adventure called loveSicily, a cookery school that, with the passing of time, has become a popular stop for visitors coming from UK, USA, Australia and Northern Europe. Besides teaching the traditional Sicilian recipes (e.g. pasta with sardines or spaghetti with tomatoes, ricotta and marjoram; desserts, such as blancmange) Katia loves to get people to know the local habits and traditions.  It was her grandmother Elvira who passed on to her the passion for good things.

“Food has always been very important at my grandmother’s home: her old recipe notebooks, enriched with her pencil drawings, are a precious treasure for me, an incredible source of information”-  Katia says-. Grandma used to cook the ingredients that my grandfather, a marshal, had personally chosen; so every day was a discovery of new tastes. Moreover, the entire neighbourhood could taste her dishes because, in the end, food means also sharing”.

Listening to Katia’s stories, enjoying her dishes while admiring the Church of San Giorgio, is an enriching and magic experience for everyone. After such an experience you will be relaxed, happy and ready to  stroll through the streets of the town with a different mood, feeling as at home!

Gianna Bozzali and Katia Amore

Would you like to cook with Katia Amore? Write us. Enjoy a unique experience that will delight your sight, your palate and your spirit.

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