Some people call it fuazza, someone else prefer naming it fauzza, but it doesn’t really matter, since the substance doesn’t change: we are talking about a delicious traditional pizza made in Licata (in the province of Agrigento), kneaded with semolina flour and topped with organic, zero-km ingredients grown in this city on the sea, in which economic activity is based largely on agriculture.

Fuazza (or fauzza), like Muffulettu Licatese (a spicy bread formerly prepared for the Holy Friday and the Corpus Chrsiti, and today baked and sold every Thursday in the local bakery shops) is deeply rooted in the territory. Its origins dates back to the late Middle Ages, and although it has been prepared in very different ways over the centuries, its poor but delicious flavour is unforgettable.

What’s in it? The recipe is very simple: the dough is made with durum wheat semolina flour and the topping with fresh unpeeled tomatoes, garlic, grated and sliced caciocavallo cheese, and the anchovies caught right in the sea surrounding the city of ​​Licata. The genuine flavour, as well as the fragrance of this delicacy, are surprising. Just a few minutes into the oven and the fuazza is ready to delight even the most demanding palates.

In Licata you will find a lot of bakery shops and pizzerias offering this specialty to their customers every day. If you want to taste the traditional version, we suggest to make a stop at Panificio Profumi Speciali (Via Licata) or at the Panificio–Ristorante La Rotonda (contrada Chiavarello), while if you are curious to enjoy a revisited version of this special pizza, don’t miss a stop at the famous Premiata Pizzeria Sardasalata.

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