It is called Frescolio 2021, the oilbottled at the moment, from olives harvested and pressed on the same day produced by Cutrera, in Chiaramonte Gulfi (Sicily). Thanks to Frescolio and its instant way of conservation, you too can taste the new olive oil as if it had just been milled. Even if you have never been to the mill. We call it “a bocca di frantoio”, that is “from the mouth of the mill”. The color is a vigorous green, almost indescribable (that’s why we use a transparent bottle); the taste is intense and spicy. The edition is limited and you can only find it for a few months (you can find the references below to proceed with the order).

A party in the mill

Frescolio is not only the first extra virgin olive oil of the new oil vintage. It is also our way of sharing with everyone the enthusiasm that reigns here in Sicily, tasting the new oil, a long-awaited moment for us.

In the olive oil mill the air is thick with the scent of olives and we are all anxiously awaiting the first drop that flows.

A special bruschetta

The best way to savor these sensations even from afar? Taste Frescolio on a slice of warm bread, with a pinch of oregano and salt (find the mix in the package). But it will also surprise you on legumes and, of course, on bruschetta. Our favorite? Garlic, tomato and anchovies.

Contrada Piano D’Acqua, 71
97012 | Chiaramonte Gulfi – (Ragusa)
Sicilia – Italia

TEL.(+39) 0932 926 187

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