Visiting these places is like reviving old memories, breathing slow gestures, enjoying precious time spent with friends while strolling among picturesque alleys. We are in Sant’Angelo Muxaro, a small town in the hinterland of Agrigento, a territory surrounded by the Sicanian Mountains.

It’s precisely here that the 48-year-old Pierfilippo Spoto, a skilled and reliable professional of the banking sector, welcomes visitors from different parts of the world making them feel like at home and accompanying them on a unique journey to the discovery of the true essence of Sicily, its heritage, its flavors, its unspoiled landscapes and the warmth of its people. He leads his guests through unusual itineraries by combining naturalistic excursions with visits to local firms where they can taste the typical Sicilian products immersed in the real authentic life of a small village, far away from the main tourist routes.

“The appointment with visitors is in the village square – Pierfilippo explains- this is our outdoor reception office. Firstly, I introduce myself and explain to guests (particularly Dutch, Germans and Americans) the program of their visit. We offer them accommodation in private houses or B&B; in this way they can feel true residents of Sant’Angelo Muxaro, rather than mere tourists. We provide them with a map of the territory so that they can organize their own trips – Spoto continues. Obviously, we give them all the information required (where to eat: they can choose between restaurant or “home restaurant”)”.

“Every morning we offer a typical breakfast hamper! Guests can start the day with a visit to a dairy where they can see the preparation of ricotta and other kind of cheeses. Then, they can stroll through the narrow streets of the village and make a stop at the bakery’s where the owner, a native English speaker, will prepare the so called “pane cunzato” in a wood-burning oven and some typical biscuits with almonds and honey. Visitors can also help the baker in the preparation of pizza dough, and while waiting for the leavening times, they can choose to visit the town and its surroundings, for example Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples. On their journey they will have the opportunity to meet local people, like Angelo, a young Sicanian shepherd, while admiring a breathtaking view of the valley! At the end of the day we all sit outside the baker’s shop to eat pizza”.

Tourists are really very happy with the human experience done: after all, a place can be really appreciated through the stories from those who live there!

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