The richness of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, two young brothers and the genuineness of the most typical local products are the perfect ingredients to conquer even the most demanding palate arriving at Osteria Il Moro, a true temple of taste located in Trapani and masterfully managed by Enzo and Nicola Bandi.

A deep passion for cooking, always shared by the two brothers, have led them to leave the beaten path of a successfull family-run restaurant to risk it all on the adventure of giving birth to a starred- cuisine project. 

Chef Nicola is always ready to delight his guests with extraordinary dishes, starting from delicious appetizers, like the award-winning revisited version of “pani cunzatu” (typical seasoned bread of the traditional Sicilian cuisine), or the unusual “shrimp cocktail 2.0”, the perfect union of sea urchins and shrimps caught in the sea surrounding the Trapanese coasts. 

You will feel immediately satisfied with such delicious starters; however, you won’t renounce to keep on enjoying the extraordinary succession of dishes, a real sensory explosion created by the chef’s skillful hands. Nothing is left to chance: even the thin and crispy breadstick, which tastefully accompanies your meal, is the result of the chef’s wise work. 

And the menu continues to offer other emblematic examples of refined taste: “baby flan of sardines” served with a special sauce; “pumpkin dumplings in fish sauce”; “beef ravioli with porcini cream” dressed with a delicate sauce of Piacentinu Ennese cheese; laurel-smoked lukewarm sea salad; slow-cooked “pork belly”. And to finish your meal, a rich selection of dessert, like “illusion of egg with lemon and orange” and the “passion sphere”. 

The dining room service is cared by Enzo, and attention to details is also reflected in the choice of refined tablecloths, dishes, glasses, and furniture. The wine list hosts precious labels. 

The brave, audacious, revolutionary, and visionary Bandi brothers have been able to bet on their skills first and foremost, but also on a land full of precious treasures. They have been able to transform their gastronomic project into an extraordinary haute cuisine model.  

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