Sicily, an island of a thousand colours and infinite contrasts. It is a land that fascinates for its ancient cultures, historical heritage, and culinary traditions. It is the place where the mountains meet the sea: its climate, the sun, its grounds are the cradle of many excellent food and wine specialities. Sicily has different nuances: each corner has its unique characteristics, and then … its people, cheerful, generous, with many stories to tell.

We will narrate some of these stories. Who are we? We are journalists and food blogger who will try to travel around this great island of the Mediterranean Sea, through fascinating itineraries that will leave you breathless. We will transform the notes of our adventures into stories to be shared with you. It will be a sensory and emotional journey in a land known for its great hospitality, a journey among the scents of the sea, local wines, and sweet delicacies … make yourself comfortable! Have a good trip!

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