If you want to know absolutely everything about the UK’s favourite drink (the second most consumed in the world), you do not need to make a long trip to the Far East, but just make a quick stop at La Casa del tè (the Tea house) placed in Raddusa, a small farming town in the province of Catania. You get there after having travelled through winding roads drawn between field crops.

Once arrived, you will be kidnapped by another dimension and embarked on a journey at the discovery of the oriental roots of tea’s tradition. After a number of travels abroad, aimed at deepen his knowledge on Oriental cuisine, Salvo Pellegrino decided to create this museum which hosts a precious collection of original objects typically used in tea ceremonies.

During his travels into the East, Pellegrino learnt the sublime art of oriental tea drinking and, about 20 years ago, following the Feng-Shui construction method, he built this place recalling the oriental tea houses. In the garden, where he personally grows tea plants, you will be embraced by a peaceful atmosphere, while in the tea room you can taste more than hundred different kinds of tea without any mixing or aromatic additions.

Tea can also be sipped during special ceremonies organized on request for groups of people or classes of students, and which faithfully reflect the oriental ways of preparing and serving tea. Guests will learn to walk barefoot on rice straw tatami, to drink tea in raku cups served on Zen trays while comfortably lying on their knees, in line with the oriental tradition.

This museum has been registered twice in the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to its collection of more than 600 varieties of tea from all over the world and the presence of the largest teapot and teacup in the world (respectively 15 litres and 18 litres), specifically designed and handmade by master potters from the famous city of Caltagirone. You will experience a true tea ceremony in a pleasant environment furnished with care and with a great attention to details. Here you will find original samovar and kettles, as well as unique collections of Yising teapots, ancient and modern jars. It’s worth absolutely a visit here!

La Casa del Tè

Via Garibaldi 45, Raddusa (Catania)

Info +39 095-662193

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