An impressive cult, expression of a territory

There is a corner of Sicily that gave birth to a truly unique pizza called “Pizza dell’Architetto”. We are in Caccamo, a beautiful medieval village in the province of Palermo, that enchants visitors with the beauty of its imposing castle, its narrow streets, the rich churches, and the lake in which the surrounding mountains are reflected. It is right in the old grain stores of the castle – now transformed into a restaurant/pizzeria – that this incredible gastronomic story began.

Fantasy and creativity: the primary ingredients of Pizza dell’Architetto

A fall night, an “off-the-menu”, and the imagination of three friends: these are the basic ingredients of one of the greatest delights of the restaurant/pizzeria ‘A Castellena di Caccamo, a pillar in the food sector since 1976, even recommended by the legendary Lonely Planet.


“That night – architect Rosario Ribbene says – I asked the pizza chef to amaze me. Well, the result was an extremely tasty pizza which I immediately shared on my social networks. In a few days my post got lots of likes and shares, thus going viral among many people who began asking for this delicious pizza, while showing its image from Smartphone”.

Surprise and taste combined by the skilful hands of a highly experienced pizza chef: this is the stunning secret of Pizza dell’Architetto. Domenico Sireci, the historical pizza chef of the restaurant and Trainer Senior of the “Federazione Italiana Pizzaioli”, told us about the origins of this special pizza. He personally invented pizza combinations: local sausage (produced by the Antica Macelleria Canzone), sundried tomatoes, bacon and buffalo mozzarella cheese, geometrically arranged on the dough and sprinkled with Bronte pistachio. Though born almost for fun, it immediately gained so much success that Salvo Porretta, the restaurant’s owner, decided to list it on the menu. Since then (December 2015), it has become a true cult, and customers keep on ordering it also in its latest version made of ancient grains.

The Pizza Architect according to Rodo Santoro

Can a pizza express its most intrinsic flavour through art? If the artist is capable, the answer is yes! Only the fervid creativity of Rodo Santoro (architect, painter, set designer, journalist, essayist and restorer of the most imposing Sicilian castles, including the castle of Caccamo) could translate Pizza dell’Architetto into a fabulous piece of art. Just take a look at his India-ink drawing: a true well-rounded tasty pizza.  

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