True architectural pearls nestled among rolling hills or within urban centres, the “bagli” (typical Sicilian rural buildings surrounded by walls and opening onto a spacious courtyard) can be found in almost every corner of the Island.

Abandoned or even decadent rural structures, they seem to testify Sicilian history and traditions; centuries of ages and cultures apparently far from our everyday frenzy, but geographically close and tenaciously visible. Some of these residences, have been wisely restored, re-launched and transformed into wineries, museums, tourist accommodation facilities, or spectacular charm hotels, full of a timeless and hypnotizing magic.

Once inside this huge buildings, you will be immediately enraptured by the memories of the history deeply retained inside the walls.

We recommend to visit Baglio Camemi, near Vizzini (Catania). In the fourteenth century it was the sumptuous summer residence of the Viceroys. The external facade is embellished by battlements and a triumphal entrance arch: being in here is like making a trip into the past while immersed in a fascinating present.

If you move further south, in the area near Ragusa, you can make a stop at the Eremo della Giubiliana. From its white tower, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the highlight sloping toward the sea. Thick white stone walls protect the inner courtyards. All around carob trees and dry-stone walls.

Finally, do not miss a visit to Baglio Santacroce, a few kilometres from the city of Trapani. From here, up to the hill, you can enjoy a breathtaking view, while tasting a typical Sicilian granita or sipping a delicious lemon sorbet.

A historical  heritage of extraordinary charm, true architectural treasures that deserve to be lived and that today, more than ever, can offer visitors a great deal of leisure opportunities (i.e. trekking, bird-watching, horse riding) accompanied by a genuine gastronomic offer perfectly in line with the local  rural culture.

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