“It is one of the greatest archaeological curiosities of Sicily for its picturesque aspect and for the large number of excavations in the rocky walls along its course until reaching the plateau of Modica”. This is what the famous archaeologist Biagio Pace wrote while referring to Cava Ispica, a spectacular canyon holding a number of archaeological evidences dating back to the ancient cave civilizations.

Those who love trekking cannot fail to dedicate at least one day to visit these places, which are considered amongst the most breathtaking and unspoiled of the Hyblean territory. It is a river valley running through the Hyblean plateau for approximately 14 kilometres, between the cities of Modica and Ispica, which encloses prehistoric necropolis, Christian catacombs, and natural caves.

A real archaeological treasure trove.

The various “monuments” are spread out throughout the area and are difficult to be identified and reached. For this reason we recommend a guided tour. Among the places of special interest we suggest Castello Sicano, a 4-storey real fortress, with an unusual architecture, and the rocky village of Pernamazzoni. Continuing with the walk you can make a stop at the Church of San Pancrati, one of the oldest churches of the Hyblean area, dating back to the mid sixth century, and then the Grotta dei Santi (Saint’s Grotto) which houses 33 icons of saints with captions in Greek language.

If you want to combine nature with food, then you can simply choose to be guided by Giovanni Carbone who will propose you his Aperitrek formula (trekking with aperitif). After walking around this area for a few kilometres, you can enjoy a delicious dining at the shelter.

“Flat breads, local cheeses, wines from the Cantina Valle dell’Acate, olives – as Giovanni explains – all typical products appreciated by visitors coming from different parts of the world, which are carefully selected and tasted in a fantastic place, immersed in nature, in the silence!”.

This is a job that Giovanni performs with passion and professionalism and people can notice this: when returning home they will bring with them the memory of a place full of magic atmospheres and the smile of those who love Sicily.

Do you want to book your Aperitrek? Contact us!

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