There are some less well known but worthy of a visit places in Sicily which fascinate tourists for the beauty of their untamed landscapes that man has protected from excessive anthropization.  These are places where the sea combines with the hills; places which are rich in history and stories of women and men who, with passion and commitment, have always been strongly devoted to their land – rich in tastes and cultures – with a greater sense of responsibility to defend the biodiversity heritage. In particular, in the Agrigento area, next to the sea, there are two places surrounded by unspoilt nature and wild beauty: Punta Bianca and Torre Salsa.

The first is a fascinating promontory of white marl, just a short walk away from Montechiaro Castle raised on sheer cliffs overlooking the sea; Torre Salsa is a fantastic place, perhaps the most beautiful stretch of Sicilian coast overall, with cliffs of marl, endless beaches and rocks bathed by a blue African sea. Unspoilt nature which has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. Visiting these places is not too expensive.

“I invite everyone to do this experience, especially those who want to experience a slow, conscious and rational way to get to know our complex and intriguing territory by walking through nature trails of rare beauty surrounding the Agrigento area, in the rural hinterland of Sicily. This is a quite unknown, disadvantaged, and forgotten territory, but very rich in history and stories made of ordinary people, unique characters who share the desire (by choice or necessity) to live in a place that will always be behind the scenes of the famous Valley of the Temples” – says Nanni Di Falco, Sicilian tourist guide from

The greatest resource is represented by the people living these places with their heroic and simple everyday stories. During your journey into this fascinating land, you will meet one of the few shepherd’s children who joyfully continues his father’s work: taking care of sheep to produce excellent cheese.

“Angelo is the name of the young blue-eyed shepherd – tells Pierfilippo Spoto from  – ​​He speaks only Sicilian dialect and, together with his grandfather and other elders of the place, has rewritten and stored the words of the lament which is sung through the streets of the town during the Good Friday procession, when Jesus is taken down from the cross and taken back to the church walking through the illuminated streets”.  

Aldo Bongiovanni

Here you  will meet Aldo Bongiovanni, the man who whispers to plants, a pensioner who keeps and produces Sicilian native seeds: his life has been entirely devoted to plants, to the creation of essences and oils for various uses. You will experiment a sensory experience and will discover smells and sensations never felt while immersed in the enchanting nature of his garden overlooking the valley of Platani river.

You will then taste local and typical products and fruits coming from Aldo’s garden: salads with seasonal flowers, capers and olives pesto, cheese and the ancient grain bread seasoned with olive oil and herbs. Finally, on the road, you will meet Lorenzo, a sculptor, a true artist who has been able to combine his talent with his job as a donkey breeder and who still keeps on making this place magic.

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