It is well known that drinking wine in the right quantities is good for health; however, perhaps not everyone knows that wine can be a true beauty and well-being elixir. Dear wine lovers, we are not talking about anything other than the so-called “wine therapy”, a French practice, born in the region of Graves, near Bordeaux.

Thanks to their antioxidant action and the high content of polyphenols (nutrient compounds with high anti-aging properties), grapes and wine are largely used in aesthetic treatments for the prevention of cell aging, as well as in face and body massages thanks to their moisturizing and toning effects.

Imagine now being relaxed and surrounded by grapes and immersed in a relaxing bath full of wine! In Sicily this is possible: in Vulcano, one of the most beautiful islands of the Aeolian archipelago, which has always been particularly suited to vine-growing, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the wine therapy. This place, which itself is well worth a trip, hosts the Therasia Resort Sea & Spa, a wellness centre with a breathtaking view.

“The treatment starts with a scrub containing salt, Malvasia wine, honey and a few drops of lemon juice – explained Marica Castigliola, SPA Manager. After a soft massage to remove the outer skin layer and reactivate the micro-circulation, the body is wrapped in sheets of cartene for about 15 minutes. In this way the salt removes the excess fluids from the body reducing water retention and, at the same time, preparing the skin to receive the beneficial effects of this aesthetic treatment. A lukewarm shower is then followed by a 20-minute Jacuzzi hydro massage with grape seeds essential oils for a relaxing aromatherapeutic and stimulating effect. The treatment ends with a relaxing/anti-cellulite massage, either with wine or grape seed oil, and a face soothing massage with creams containing capers and Malvasia wine”.

Wine therapy is a really thrilling sensory experience, that not only offers benefits to the skin, but that gives an unforgettable feeling of pleasure.

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